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Acts Of Random Kindness

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The day I hit Earth, could I have been a blessing? happy times, happy moments seemed rare when I was younger. Without the sun and the moon all around me. There was light through a tunnel, no one ever found me. In and out, out and in, day and night. I had to do it on my own without a good sight. Coming here, going there, where could you be? Leaving me lonely, you flew away without me. Lost without you, but still, I found hope. Don’t know where it came from, but it kept me standing. It kept me afloat. I strive to make better decisions than you ever made. Still, I have faith that my day will come, and I’ll be safe. With no worries and to have a place to live that I will call home. My place of peace and love. Know that I have found it, thanks to the one above.

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