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Finding My Way Back To Me


Finding My Way Back to Me is a two-month journal created to help you assess your daily thoughts. It is segmented in phases, so as you progress through your day, you will answer simple questions to check in on where your mind strays, where the pain digs in, and where the hopelessness starts, then tackle it as it arises. If you follow this journal as laid out, it will assist you in evaluating exactly where you are at the start of each day, help you reexamine your thinking mid-day, and then pull it all together with another assessment before going to bed. 


With the Finding My Way Back to Me journal, you are creating a unique and daily summary of your thoughts and emotions, so when you review previous entries you see your progress. If you continue to find those negative thoughts in each entry, then those are the areas that you need to look at more deeply. At this moment, it is important to take a step back and do a reevaluation to recognize what happened, and what kept you repeating this painful cycle, and then attend to those revelations with love and care. 


On the flip side, if you see a positive progression in your thoughts and emotions as you review past entries, then you know you are on the right track and can keep moving forward with a clear understanding that you are one step closer to finding your way back to you!


While this is a two-month journal, the journey to healing is lifelong, and it is imperative to keep reassessing where you are daily and take care of yourself. You can do this by either reordering additional journals or just continuing with a notebook. The important thing is that you keep moving forward, keep checking in, and taking steps each day toward living your best life, without the masks that we use to cope with life. My hope for anyone that uses this journal, is to wake up each morning embracing the day and enjoying the most authentic and emotionally healthy version of themselves!


So, grab a pen, crack open the pages each day embracing each moment, and whether it be good or challenging, relish the journey!

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